2016 White Water Rafting Season

The Minnesota white water rafting season has started.  The vermillion River in Hasting Minnesota is flowing and the rafting tours have started.  If you’re itching to get on the water, Hard Water Sports can make it happen

mn rafting

Rafting on the Vermillion River

Sure the water is cold, but we have the wet suits, booties and splash tops.

The Vermilion River runs through Hastings, Minnesota – the whitewater section is less than a mile long, but is packed with action.  A long slide-like water falls brings in the action right from the start.

The river is narrow and most rafts won’t fit,  Hard Water Sports has added Hyside Paddle Cats to the inventory and now we have commercial rafting on the Verm !!

Minnesota White Water Rafting

We’ll keep you posted as more rivers open, but consider the Minnesota rafting season open.  If you want to go rafting today, we can make it happen.



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