Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports – What’s Your Game?

Are You an Adventure  Athlete?           Ask yourself these 4 simple questions…

1.Do you check the water levels/weather conditions/wind speed more then once a day?
2.Are you always planning for the next adventure?
3.Do you store gear in your car for “just in case” moments?
4.Have you ever lied to a boss to have an adventure?

Answer yes to any of the above questions, than
-without a doubt- you’re an adventure athlete.

Adventure Sports – What’s Your Game?

Hard Water Sports is here to connect adventure athletes with the Training, the Inspiration, and the Equipment to get you on your next adventure.  We provide adventure training including; paddling instruction, climbing classes, wilderness canoeing workshops.  Or better yet, get signed up for a mountaineering course with Kaf Adventures.

Adventure Training

ww canoe instruction

Whitewater Canoeing Classes
Whitewater Kayaking Instruction
Swift Water Rescue Training

Rock Climbing Classes
– Trad Leading
– Anchors Clinic
– Sport Climbing
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Ice Climbing Classes
651 302 1774

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Wilderness Canoeing Instruction


Hard Water Sports will supply the inspiration to get you off your couch.


Get Geared Up – Hard Water Sports wants to gear you up with the good stuff.

BWCA Outfitting gear list

ice climbing gear

Canoe and Kayak Rental

Lightweight Camping Gear

Whitewater Paddling Gear

BWCA Outfitting and Gear Rental

Minnesota Winter Camping

Minnesota Whitewater Rafting

mn rafting

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