Lightweight Backpacking

First Rule of Backpacking – the lighter the better

Join the revolution in backpacking and discover the joy of lightweight trail camping. With high tech gear and efficient packing, what used to weigh 50 pounds now can weigh less than 30.

Pack – new designs have shaved pounds off the old styles.

Sleep System – down sleeping bag and a lightweight air mattress, tent or just a tart?

Clothing – be prepared, is it going to rain? how about snow?

Footwear – ounces equal pounds when it comes to footwear, are you wearing the lightest shoes available?

Cooking Gear – titanium pot for the morning coffee, gas stove or firebox?

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Hot Gear for Lightweight Backpackingbackpacking

Granite Gear – Virga
Weight: 19 oz
Capacity: 3200 Cu in

camping stove

MSR Micro Rocket Stove
Weight: 2.6 oz

Sierra Designs, Clip Flashlight 2
Weight: 3-pounds, 6-ouncestent



Backpacking Gear List (remember – lighter the better)

Sleep system – for multi day adventures it
• ❑ sleeping bag
• ❑ mat
• ❑ tent / tarp / hammock
• ❑ pillow (down jacket in stuff sack) 

• ❑ rain wear
• ❑ fleece jacket/down jacket
• ❑ warm cloths
• ❑ extra socks

Water purification
• ❑ filter / iodine pills
• ❑ vassel (plastic bottles or bladder)

Cooking gear
• ❑ stove- fuel
• ❑ pot, utensils


• ❑ small flashlight / headlamp
• ❑ lighter / water proof matches
• ❑ phone

• ❑map
• ❑compass
• ❑first aid kit

Gear tips for lightweight backpacking:

Test your gear before your adventure, figure out what works and what does not work for the trip you are planning.

Make repairs before the trip.

Cooking meals on a lightweight backpacking trip:

Test the meals you’re planning on taking with you.

How much do they weigh? how much fuel is needed?  how much water will they need?

Footwear for lightweight backpacking

Lighter is better, and even more so for backpacking footwear.  Test out trail running shoes, for most endeavors the combiton hiking shoe / running work great.

Make sure your footwear is well broken in, put on a minimum of 12 miles,



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