Winter Camping

Winter Camping – Are You Up for It?

Get the Right Gear and Make it Fun

Winter Camping – gear up and enjoy the season. With the right gear, winter camping becomes a real pleasure.
Avoid the crowds, no bugs, and your chocolate doesn’t melt. Find out for yourself why winter camping is becoming more popular with seasoned campers.

Stay Warm Winter Camping

Having the right equipment is important for staying warm while winter camping. Avoid cotton clothing, wool is a first choice for many experienced winter campers.

Boots with a thick sole will help to insulate feet from frozen ground. Lose fitting boots with room for an extra layer of wool socks are also important.

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Down booties in the sleeping bag make a big difference. Sleeping in a fleece balaclava will feel as if you have added 10 degrees to your bag.

Eating high calorie foods will help to keep the body warm while winer camping. Chocolate, nuts, cheeses are good for the quick calorie boost.

And the most important tip for staying warm while winter camping is to keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water to maintain your body’s circulation.

When winter camping it is best to stay warm, once your body gets cold or wet, it will be harder to get back to a comfortable body temperature.

Winter camping survival tips

Pulk It Travel in Style


No need to carry a big load when winter camping, just “pulk-it”

Hot Tenting

Sleep In Comfort

Your impression of winter camping will change forever after the first time “hot tenting.”

With a wood stove for your heat and cooking, the winter camping experience goes from a challenging missory to living in a portable cabin.

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Winter Hot Tent
and Stove Rental

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Sleep in comfort at night, pulk your tent by day.
A warm and dry home waiting for you at the end of the day is a nice comfort to have on a cold winter night.

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