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BWCA Outfitter in Sandstone, MN

Are planning for a BWCA canoe camping adventure ?

If your dream vacation is to get away from it all, avoiding the crowds and getting deep into nature – then a BWCA canoe camping adventure is perfect for you! Canoeing in the remote BWCA backcountry you will be able to start your trip at various locations and get quickle into the wilderness.

We can help with the details of your Boundary Waters adventure.  With lightweight tents and camping mats, as well as canoes and the other stuff that are make your wilderness experience pleasurable.

We can help you to pick an entry point and canoe rout that matches the abilities and interests of your group.  From reserving the required permits to picking out meals – the staff at Hard Water Sports can help with the details of your canoe camping adventure.

 – Canoe Rental – Paddles – Life jackets

bwca outfitter
BWCA Outfitting

Camping Stove and Cook set rentals – The Other Stuff – Tarps, Camp Chairs, Coolers –
Rent the gear you need from Hard Water Sports

or call 651-302-1774 and ask for Tony in the rental dept.

BWCA Trip Planning where to go and what to bring for your next BWCA adventure.

Meal Planning for Your Next BWCA Trip
Picking an Entry Point – What You NEED to Know – Hard Water Sports can help plan your next adventure.

BWCA Outfitting, Canoe Camping Outfitter

Complete BWCA Outfitting, Meal Planning, Camping Gear Rental

Canoe Camping Gear List
Personal Gear

paddle the bwca

Sleep system
• ❑ sleeping bag
• ❑ mat
• ❑ pillow
• ❑ tent

• ❑ rain wear
• ❑ fleece jacket/down jacket
• ❑ camp shoes
• ❑ warm cloths
• ❑ swim suit

• ❑ small flashlight / headlamp
• ❑ lighter / water proof matches

fishing equipment
• ❑ rod
• ❑ bait & tackle

• ❑ Minnesota fishing license

Group Gear

• ❑map
• ❑compass [important to stay found]

cooking gear
• ❑ stove- fuel
• ❑ pots and pans, utensils
• ❑ water filter

• ❑ first aid kit

• ❑ tarp-
• ❑ 50 feet of cord,
• ❑camp saw / ax

the Boat
• ❑ paddles
• ❑ PFDs
• ❑ tie down line

Don’t forget
• ❑ sun screen/sunglasses
• ❑ bug dope
• ❑ Permit

Canoe & Kayak Rental

Backpacking Rental Gear
lightweight tents, sleeping bags and mats


(ask for Tony)

Questions on Permits?
Entry Points?
Call, we’re here to help.

BWCA – Frequently Asked Questions?

BWCA Meal Planning for Your Next BWCA Trip

Picking a BWCA Entry Point – What You NEED to Know

Happy Camping– 5 secrets to a Happy Campsite.

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