Getting Started Rock Climbing in Minnesota

How to Get Started Rock Climbing in Minnesota

Equipment for Minnesota Outdoor Rock Climbingequipment for outdoor rock climbing

The bare minimum gear need to be a “gym” climber is;

  • Harness – designed and approved for rock climbing
  • Climbing shoes – tight fitting with sticky rubber soles
  • Belay/rappel device

Additional equipment is needed for outdoor rock climbing:

To start with a climbing rope is a good investment.  10 to 11 millimeter diamitor and 50 or 60 meters in length.

A set of quick draws will be needed if you are an outdoor sport climber.

Nylon webbing is another important investment for an outdoor rock climber.  Used for setting anchors, one inch tubular webbing works well to tie off trees and boulders.

Training/ instruction

getting started rock climbing in minnesota

getting started

If you want to lean how to climb rocks you need to get on real rock, what you’re doing in the gym is training for the real stuff.  My advice to getting you started is to take an outdoor climbing class.  It’s a quick way to see if the sport is right for you.


Finding Climbing Partners

Get connected on facebook, introduce yourself and be honest about your experience and ability.

Meetup Groups are a great way to connect with other climbers

Festivals and park cleanups,


Introduction to Rock Climbing

Outdoor Rock Climbing Instruction

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