Winter Tent Rental

Ready to try Hot Tent Winter Camping?

winter hot tent rental

Fire up the wood stove and go winter camping in style. With a hot tent you’ll have a home to warm up in, you’ll get a hot meal before bed and another one in the morning.

Discover the joys of winter camping in a hot tent. Wilderness winter camping in style – pack it all up on a Pulk (a tow behind sled) and move it down the trail. If you’re up ready for a winter hot tent rental please give us a call to make the reservation. 651 302-1774

Winter Tent Rental – Camp in Style

Enjoy Winter Camping with a Portable Cabin and Wood Stove

Rental Tents and Pulks for your next adventure.

first nightextra nights
Snowtrekker 4-5 person shortwall
with 4-dog stove
Snowtrekker tent 2-3 person
with 4-dog stove
snow shoes205

Snowtrekker Tents – 4 Dog Stoves

The tent and the stove you will be renting are made right here in the North country. Snowtrekker Tents are designed and sew in Norther Wisconsin and 4 Dog Stoves are made in Anoka, MN.

Snowtrekker Tents have been designed to be easily set up ataken down in extream weather condition. This is the perfect tent for anyone looking to experince winter wilderness camp. Made traditionally with coton canves and a modern interior pole frame.

4 Dog Stoves are made tough,

Rent Ski Pulks

Yes, you can rent a pulk from Hard Water Sports
We stock the SkiPulk brand Snow Clipper pulks – travel in style with a pulk.

ask about extended use discounts

Winter Camping Hot Tents
available at
Hard Water Sports

reserve a winter wall tent today
651 302 1774

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