MN Ice Climbing Class

Minnesota ice climbing class
MN Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing Class – Ice Climbing Instruction with Hard Water Sports

 Ice Climbing Class 

Looking to give the sport of ice climbing a try ? A guide from Hard Water Sports can get this adventure started.  We’ll give provide you with a safe and fun climbing adventure, give us a call for your next adventure.

Fully Outfitted Ice Climbing Classes in Sandstone, MN

Just an hour north on Minneapolis, guided ice climbing adventures with Hard Water Sports.

We provide:

  • Climbing gear; ice climbing boots, ice axes and crampons
  • harness and helmet
  • Ropes and anchors
  • A top-notch ice climbing guide

All of the essential climbing gear will be provided by Hard Water Sports for your Minnesota Ice Climbing Class.
From ice climbing boots and crampons to the harnesses and helmets.  Your Minnesota ice climbing guide will have all the ropes and anchors needed for the adventure.

What You Should Bring to Your Ice Climbing Class

Depending on the group size our classes run from 4 to 5 hours.  Temperatures during the ice season may range from plus 40 to Minus 10, check the latest weather conditions and plan ahead.

  • Warm cloths- avoid cotton,
  • Extra gloves– the first thing to get wet, bring an extra set to climb in.
  • Hat– thin fleece works great for wearing under a helmet.
  • Water, snacks, thermos for a warm drink.
  • A small Tip for your brave and hard working guide.

A warm winter parka is nice to have for belaying and the time in between climbs.

MN Ice Climbing Classes

The fully outfitted ice climbing classes offered by Hard Water Sports are held in the Sandstone Minnesota Ice Park,   Located just an hour north of the Minneapolis – St Paul metro making your adventure is super convenient.
We meet at the Hard Water Sports guid shop in downtown Sandstone, MN to get outfitted with climbing boots, ice climbing crampons, helmets and harnesses.

– 511 Main Street (across from the post office.)

After that we are ready to climb.

Call 651 302 1774 for more information on Minnesota Ice Climbing Classes.


  1. Hi! I’m interested in taking your ice climbing class. I’m an avid rock climber and have been ice climbing once. Please let me know what your availability and cost is!


    • Hi Katie,
      We have classes going out daily, the fully outfitted ice climbing classes are just $120 for a full day of adventure.
      Please give us a call and we can get you on the schedule.
      651 302-1774

  2. Hi, can I take my 14 yo son climbing with me ? He is on a climb team, both of us have some experience.

    • Yes, the ice climbing class we offer would be perfect for him. The minimum age for a Hard Water Sports ice climbing class is 10 years old.
      We look forward to climbing with you.

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