BWCA Mistakes

The 5 Biggest Mistakes BWCA Campers Make

Not Packing a Tarp

The first piece of equipment to go up and the last to come down. A tarp will keep the rain and sun off your campsite. It’s a dry place to cook dinner or for packing your gear, you’ll also have shade from the mid-day sun.

BWCA camp stove

Not bringing a camp stove.

Cooking over an open fire is a BWCA tradition. Gathering wood and kindling, fire starting, and building a base of coals are all skills acquired with years of practice.
Open fire cooking is a big part of the BWCA experience, but on mornings that you want to get an early start a one-burner stove will save the group tons on time. There is also the storm drenching evenings and the long paddle days where the convenience of a camp stove makes the adventure a little easier.

Getting a late start.

Not all campsites in the BWCA are equal, and you’ll find that the good sites get scooped up early. If your group wants one of the 5-star campsites – you’re not going to get one if your start tome is 11 A.M.
Same with the fishing, the walleye don’t sleep in and either should you if you’re planning to get hooked up.

Loose packing.

Seasoned BWCA paddlers know the importance of having a tight ship – If your group is trying to put miles on the water you will save a big chuck of time at the portages if your gear is smartly packed.
Start the trip off with everything tucked away in packs, your portaging time will be reduced and there is less of a chance of having a small item left on shore.

Not Testing Your Equipment.

Do you know how to set up the tent? in the dark?? while it is raining??? Is the sleeping bag to tight? Paddle the right length?
Being comfortable with your gear will give you a much more enjoyable adventure. It’s a good idea to have a test night with the gear you’re going to be taking on your canoe camping adventure.
Knowing if your tent leaks or if the sleeping bag you borrowed has a broken zipper before you’re in the wilderness only makes sense. Test the stove you’re going to bring, make some coffee or test one of the dinners you’re planning.

Plan ahead and don’t make any of these mistakes on your next Boundary Waters canoeing adventure.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes BWCA Campers Make

Don’t make the mistakes that can ruin your adventure.

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