BWCA Trip Planning

Helpful tips for planning your next BWCA canoe camping adventure.

Make a Plan, Pick an Entry Point, Gear-UP and Go

5 Steps to Planning Your Next BWCA Adventure

  1. Select your crew
  2. Pick a date
  3. Pick an entry point and make a reservation.
  4. Plan Your Meals
  5. Pick up your permit and paddle away

BWCA Trip Planning

Make a Plan, Pick an Entry Point, Gear-UP and Go

Picking your crew – BWCA rules limit the group size to 9 campers,and 4 boats. Campers of all ages and abilities will love the canoe camping in the BWCA, it is easy to plan a trip to fit the level of adventure you’re looking for.

Pick a date – The BWCA is open year round for camping, but the canoe season starts with the ice out (sometime in mid April) to the Fall freeze up (around mid November) The busiest time of the year is during the hot summer months. More information on 4 seasons in the BWCA

Pick an entry point and make a reservation – Here’s some info on picking a BWCA entry point. Permits may be reserved for the 2014 season starting at 9AM Central Time on January 25

Plan your meals and get geared up – use the meal planning guide to get ideas. Remember the BWCA does not allow cans or bottles so some repackaging might be necessary. Start a list of the the gear you will need and if it needs to be purchased or rented before the trip.
Here’s a starter BCWA gear list and rental gear sheet and outfitterinformation.

Pick up the permit – permits can be picked up the day of or the day before the planned entry date.

that’s it – now you’re ready to paddle,

Call – Hard Water Sports
and reserve the gear for your next adventure.
651 302 1774

(ask for Tony)

Questions on Permits?
Entry Points?
Call, and we’re here for you.

A lot goes into planning a BWCA Canoe Adventure, Hard Water Sports hopes to make your next adventure as enjoyable as possible. Look to us for advice on everything from picking an entry point to meal planning.

BWCA – Frequently Asked Questions?

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Backpacking Rental Gear
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