BWCA Meal Planning

Meal Planning Ideas for your Canoe Camping Adventures

Option A is for campers on the go, most meals take 15 minutes or less to prepare, the meals are lightweight, and they are very economical.

Option B includes more luxury foods. Meals will also require some prep time and a bit more clean up.

Option C is for the deluxe campers, those who love the art of camp cooking. The list includes fresh fruits and veggies, cheeses and other treats. Longer cook times and more to clean after are required.

The list gives just a few of the possibilities for meal planning in the BWCA, the intention of the list is to give new BWCA visitors a starting point for meal planning and to inspire seasoned Boundary Waters Canoe Area paddlers.

meal panning guide for canoe camping

BWCA Camping

  1. No cans or bottles allowed in the BWCA.
  2. Repack food to minimize garbage.
  3. Pack-out everything out that you bring in.
  4. Collect firewood away from your campsite (use your canoe.)
  5. Bring a tarp – it most likely will rain.

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